If your oil and gas
came with a label,
what would you learn?

Reducing emissions and reclaiming land

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Producing to the highest standards

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Working with indigenous communities

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Injecting billions into Canada's economy

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Helping solve the global energy crisis

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Creating energy you can feel good about

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Canada is our label

You’d learn that Canada is a global leader in responsible oil & gas production. Find out why.

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Global leader


Canada’s oil and gas industry is a global leader on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues

But don't just take our word for it. That's according to rankings derived from independent studies by Yale, the World Bank, and others. We're making real progress toward reducing total emissions. On partnering with Indigenous communities. On reclaiming land. So as the world uses more oil and gas, we believe the world needs more Canadian oil and gas.

Innovation driven


Canada’s oil and gas industry has invested billions on cleantech research and development

Canada's industry is at the forefront of high-tech energy solutions. Technology like carbon capture & storage, pipeline & marine safety, and more. Our liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects will be among the cleanest in the world. Our sector invests more than $1 billion annually in research & development, and we continue to innovate as we work towards meeting the world's energy demands while reducing emissions.

Responsibly produced


Canada’s oil and gas is produced to a higher standard

Oil and gas is used the same way, no matter where it's from. But where it's from matters. Much of the world's oil and gas comes from authoritarian countries, like Russia and Saudi Arabia. Countries that don't have the same standards – for the environment, for regulations, or for people. So as the world demands more energy – and more responsibly produced energy – Canada should meet those needs.


Petroleum-based products are in almost everything we buy

From life-saving medical supplies, to fertilizers, to phones and computers, to the clothes and cosmetics we wear, plastics and oil and gas-based products are an inseparable part of our daily lives. Oil and gas also helps heat our homes, powers our grid, and gets our food and products to our doors. Learn more about all the ways oil and gas is integrated with modern life and our economy – some of the answers may surprise you!

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Oil and gas will continue to be a big part of our energy mix for decades

Even as we develop and adopt more alternative sources of energy, like renewables, hydrogen, and nuclear, oil and gas will remain the biggest piece of the puzzle through 2050 and beyond. Natural gas is also a key part of how we'll replace more carbon-intensive sources, like coal.

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An essen­tial part of the Cana­di­an economy

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of GDP

Canada's oil and gas sector accounted for 7.2% of Canada's GDP -- $118 billion -- in 2020

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Canada’s oil and gas sector directly and indirectly employed nearly 600,000 people in 2020.

$ 0 B $
for schools, roads, and hospitals

Oil and gas provides our local, provincial, and federal governments with billions in revenue each year – funds that go towards the essential services we all rely on. The industry paid $505 billion in taxes and royalties between 2000 and 2019.

$ 0 T $
in future investment

Oil and gas investment in North America is projected to be over $8 trillion between now and 2050.

If oil and gas came with a label, what would you learn?